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Reputable Care Provider In Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria

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Care Legacy Ltd is a company based in Yorkshire and covers Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria, that provides 24-hour respite care services. Whether you require daily or weekly support due to ageing, illness, recovery, or rehabilitation, our qualified caregivers offer individualised services you can trust. We have received Dignity Champion and regulated by the Care Quality Commission, and the local authority Approved. We're also proud to be a Living Wage Employer.


At Care Legacy Ltd, we understand that every individual has unique needs and preferences. That's why we take the time to get to know you and develop a personalised care plan that suits your requirements. Companionship is crucial to building a trusting relationship with our clients. Our team provides one-on-one attention and care that cannot be compared to other settings. We strive to assist you with everyday tasks and develop a compassionate and caring relationship with you.


If you need more information about our services, please don't hesitate to contact our team.

Our Team

James Hartley


James Hartley, with over 15 years of care experience, serves as the Director at Care Legacy Ltd. Formerly the regional care manager and a previous registered manager, James has brought extensive expertise in home care, including domiciliary, end-of-life, respite care, and complex care. He is the brother of Mrs Debra Choolun and the husband of Matthew Hartley. His role encompasses a wealth of practical knowledge and leadership in the care industry.

james hartley

Mrs Debra Choolun

Registered Manager / Director

Mrs. Debra Choolun, our Registered Manager, holds over 17 years of invaluable care experience. As the sister of Mr. James Hartley, she previously served as a director and owner of a care business. Mrs. Choolun's expertise encompasses a range of home care services, including domiciliary, end-of-life, respite care, and complex care. Her extensive background and commitment contribute significantly to the quality of care provided by our team.

Debra Choolun

Matthew Hartley


Matthew Hartley, our Director, boasts over 15 years of care experience. As the husband of James Hartley and a former registered manager, Matthew brings extensive expertise in home care, covering domiciliary, end-of-life, respite care, and complex care. His comprehensive background ensures a robust foundation for our commitment to quality care services.

matthew hartley

Aiysha Coolun

Business Administrator

Aiysha Coolun serves as our Business Administrator, contributing to the smooth operation of our services.


Danielle Ward

Acting Registered Manager

Danielle Ward, our Care Coordinator, brings our team over 12 years of valuable care experience. With expertise in home care, including domiciliary, end-of-life, respite care, and complex care, Danielle plays a crucial role in ensuring comprehensive and compassionate care coordination.

Danielle ward

Require Respite Care For Your Loved Ones In Lancaster? Contact Us On 01524 298230 To Discuss Our Services.

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